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Air-1 In The News

04/03/2018: Yesterday evening at approximately 10:00 pm, Air1 was requested to assist the Syracuse Police Department and Border Patrol on a traffic stop in the City of Syracuse. As the vehicle exited Route 81 at South Salina Street, patrol units attempted to pull the vehicle over. The suspect did not comply and fled at a high rate of speed down South Salina Street. The suspect lost control of the vehicle and struck several signs and a building in the 600 block of South Salina Street. As the suspect fled on foot, Air1 kept a visual on him and informed ground units of his location until he was taken into custody. The suspect, who was identified as 34-year-old Brandon S. Cooke, is facing charges of first-degree criminal possession of marijuana and several vehicle and traffic law violations. Great work by all involved!

12/18/2017: Around 12:41 a.m. Cicero Police units, with the assistance of Onondaga County Sheriff’s K-9 and Air One, were dispatched to the area of Nazareth Drive for 2 suspicious males possibly stealing from vehicles. At approximately 12:58 a.m. Officer Leneker was able to locate one of the males and place him in custody. A short time later, with the assistance of the original caller, Officer Kazmirski located and placed the second suspect in custody. Both males have been charged with Conspiracy in the Sixth Degree and one of them was charged with Unlawful Possession of Marihuana. Property was found on the suspects and secured at the Police Department. If anyone that lives in the area of Nazareth Drive had property stolen from their vehicles overnight, please contact the Cicero Police Department.

12/15/2017: At approximately 5:08 pm, Air1 responded to the Seneca River, near Guyder Road in the Town of Lysander, to assist the State Police on a reported drowning. 911 dispatchers advised that the victim was in the river clinging to a yellow kayak. After a brief search, Air1’s flight crew observed a woman, in the water, holding onto an overturned kayak. The woman’s head was just above the water line. The flight crew maintained a visual on her, as preparations were made for a skid rescue. As the aircraft was maneuvered within a few feet of the woman, she lost her grip on the kayak and began to sink below the surface. The flight crew quickly grabbed and pulled her into the helicopter, where she appeared to be exhausted, and severely hypothermic. Her body was limp and she was unable to move her extremities or assist in her rescue in anyway. Once in the aircraft, a pool of blood formed under the victim, her eyes were closed, her breathing shallow, and she was not responding to any verbal cues. She was transported to a nearby field where she was met by Paramedics, who transported to University Hospital for medical treatment. The victim's husband, who had attempted to help his wife by driving an ATV near a peninsula piece of land along the river bank, became stuck and had to be removed by a Fire Department boat. The victim's dog was also rescued from the river bank by the Plainville FD. ‪Great job by Onondaga County Sheriff's Office and Plainville (NY) Fire Department who had a successful ice rescue last night on the Seneca River. They were able to rescue two residents and their dog. One victim was pulled out of the 32 degree water by the Air1 crew while hovering over the Seneca River. We are extremely fortunate to have a resource like Air1 in our County. And our thanks to the highly skilled crews who are able to utilize that resource and turn it into a life saving tool. Congratulations again to Onondaga County Sheriff's Office and Plainville (NY) Fire Department for a great rescue!

12/08/2017: On December 8th at approximately 11:43 pm, Air1 responded to a burglary in progress at a residence in the 100 block of Parker Avenue in the Town of Salina. Upon Air1 arriving, the flight crew checked the yard with the helicopters infrared camera and observed the suspect running from the rear of the residence. Air1 notified responding patrol units as the suspect jumped the fence and attempted to flee the area. The flight crew monitored the suspects moves and updated patrol units until he was taken into custody. ‬ ‪Excellent Job!‬

10/23/2017: Yesterday afternoon at approximately 3:30 pm, Air1 was requested to assist the Cayuga County Sheriff’s Office with locating a missing endangered 64 year old male, who was last seen on Friday leaving the Northbrook Heights Assisted Living Community in the City of Auburn. Upon Air1 arriving in the City of Auburn, the flight crew began searching a wooded area near the Community Center. Within 15 minutes of searching the area, the flight crew observed the male laying on his back in dense brush. The flight crew notified ground units and immediately landed the helicopter near the location of the male. Flight Observer, Deputy Michael Bradley exited the helicopter and approached the male on foot to assess his condition. The male was conscious and breathing but appeared dehydrated and cold. Cayuga County Sheriff’s Deputies along with Rescue Personnel arrived soon after and the male was transported to an area hospital. Excellent job done by Air1’s Pilot, Deputy Jason Bracy and Flight Observer, Deputy Michael Bradley!

09/25/2017: Celebrating Sheriff's Week in New York State Did you know that the Sheriff's Office Aviation Unit has one chief pilot, two pilot/deputies and two flight observer/deputies. The helicopter used is a single-engine Bell 407, also known as “Air 1”. It is equipped with Night Sun (a light source capable of delivering 30 million candlepower), a Forward Looking Infrared (FLIR) device, and video downlink/videotaping capabilities. Air-1 is a multi-mission helicopter capable of performing numerous functions including: Patrol: Night Sun lighting FLIR (Forward Looking Infrared) - locating heat sources and videotaping, coordinating resources from an elevated platform Video downlink/videotaping capabilities Search and Rescue: Locating and rescuing victims Fire Assistance: Locating fire/heat sources and transporting personnel/services into difficult areas.
Click on the link below to view the members of the Onondaga County Sheriff's Office Aviation Unit conduct a Skid Rescue training exercise.

Air 1 Training Exercise

08/25/2017: At approximately 9:14 PM, Air1 responded Route 695 near the New York State Fair Grounds in the Town of Geddes for a suicidal subject complaint involving a 21 year old male who was threatening to jump off a bridge overpass to harm himself. Upon Air1's arrival, they utilized the helicopters infrared camera to check the area and located the male lying along the fence line of the Fair Grounds. The flight crew utilized the helicopters nightsun spotlight to illuminate the individual as they directed ground units to his location. As Officers approached the male, he began to run across Route 695 in an attempt to flee. Air1 provided ground units with the subject's movements and he was subsequently taken into custody on the shoulder of Route 695. He was then transported to an area hospital. Great Job to All Involved!

05/29/2017: Early this morning at approximately 12:45 am, Air1 was requested by the Syracuse Police Department to assist them with locating a suicidal female in the 300 block of Gifford Street. Upon Air1's arrival, they utilized the helicopters infrared camera to check the area. While checking the area, the flight crew located the female hiding in thick brush along Onondaga Creek at the east end of Fabius Street. The flight crew notified and directed patrol units to the location, where the female subject was subsequently taken into custody and transported to an area hospital. Great Job Air1!

05/28/2017: The Watchfire
Onondaga County Sheriff's Office Air1 Pilot Deputy Jason Bracy and Flight Observer Deputy Michael Bradley greet the public tonight as they standby at the Watchfire, where retired and tattered U.S. flags will be burned on the New York State Fairgrounds parking lot in Geddes, N.Y.

Air-1 at the Watchfire    A mountain of flags at the Watchfire

05/25/2017: On May 23, 2017 at approximately 4:10 pm, Air1 responded to the 4600 block of Brickyard Falls Rd, to assist the Manlius Police Department in the search for a missing endangered person. Sometime around 2:00 pm, an 83 year old male suffering from dementia, wandered off on foot. Upon arrival, Air1 began checking the area when the flight crew located a male matching the description of the missing 83 year old in the parking lot of the Dollar Tree Store on W. Seneca St. Air1 immediately notified grounds units of their findings as a Manlius Police unit arrived and confirmed that it was in fact the missing elderly man. Outstanding job Air1!
The Sheriff's Office would like to take this opportunity to remind the public about its Project Lifesaver Program which helps keep those who are unaware of their surroundings out of harm’s way so they can be quickly and safely returned to their family members. Click on the link below to learn more about the program.

Project Life Saver

05/17/2017: At 11:52 pm, Air1 was requested by the Syracuse Police Department to assist in the search for a missing endangered person. Officers were looking for a 70 year old man who left his residence on Haffenden Road after making suicidal statements. The man also indicated that he was going to harm himself in a nearby wooded area. Air1 began searching the wooded area around the Morningside Reservoir with night vision goggles and the infrared camera. The flight crew detected a heat source under a large tree, north of the Lampe Athletic Complex. Air1 directed patrol units to the location, where the missing subject was located and subsequently transported to an area hospital. Great work by all involved!

05/10/2017: Last night at approximately 9:55 pm, Patrol units requested assistance from Air1 with locating a suicidal person who was last seen in the 7700 block of Totman Road in the town of Cicero. Upon arrival, Air1 utilized its infrared camera and night vision equipment to search a wooded area east of where the suicidal person was last seen. While searching the area, a resident in the 7200 block of Eastman Road called 911 to report a suspicious person in the rear yard. Air1 began checking that area and quickly located a heat source under a large pine tree. Patrol units were directed to the tree where they subsequently located the suicidal person, who was taken into custody and transported to a local hospital for an evaluation. Great Teamwork!

04/30/2017: At approximately 8:15 p.m. on Apr. 29, 2017, Air1 was dispatched to an address off Myers Road in the Town of Manlius to assist Manlius Police Officers in the search for a suicidal person. Upon Air1's arrival, the flight crew initiated an extensive search of a wooded area with the infrared camera and night vision equipment. After searching the area for nearly an hour, Air1 located the suicidal person about 1/4 mile north of the original dispatched location, in a tree, approximately 100 feet above the ground. Air1 illuminated the subject with the nightsun, and directed ground patrol units to subjects location. The Minoa Fire Department also responded and assisted officers with securing the suicidal person, who was unharmed, and eventually transported to an area hospital for an evaluation. Outstanding job done by the flight crew above and the ground units below!
Air-1 image shows the suicidal person sitting in a tree.

Night sun image of suicidal person sitting in a tree

04/25/2017: Yesterday evening at approximately 6:24 p.m. members of the Syracuse Police Department stopped a Chevy Uplander for a traffic violation on Rowland Street near South Geddes Street. The traffic stop, which quickly evolved into a drug investigation with the driver, later identified as Peter Dixon, would turn into a pursuit after Dixon sped away in the vehicle. While on South Geddes Street near Hartson Street, Dixon spun the van around in reverse and hit two officers who were on foot. One of the officers, who feared for his life, fired his weapon and hit the van at least once. Dixon then drove off, going south on South Geddes Street. Air1 caught up to the fleeing vehicle as it traveled South on Cleveland Road in the Town of Onondaga. Air1 monitored the vehicle from above while providing 911 and responding units the location and direction of travel. Air1 continued to maintain a visual observation on the vehicle, which eventually stopped in a driveway off Route 11A. After attempting to flee on foot, Dixon was taken into custody. Air1 remained overhead until officers were safe and able to clear the location. Syracuse Police Officers charged Dixon, 34, of Syracuse, with two counts of reckless endangerment, three counts of endangering the welfare of a child, and unlawful possession of marijuana. He is currently being held at the Justice Center and is awaiting arraignment this morning. Both Syracuse Police Officers who were injured after being hit by Dixon's van were treated at a local hospital and are expected to be okay. Great job by all law enforcement members involved.

02/05/2017: On February 4th, at approximately 6:49PM, Air1 was requested by Fire Control and the Cicero Police Department to assist with locating a snowmobile that went through the ice under the powerlines near South Bay Road and Whiting Road. Upon arrival, the South Bay Fire Chief had located the snowmobile operator and passenger approximately 300 yards east of South Bay Road. Utilizing Air1's nightsun lighting system, the flight crew lit the area and directed responding emergency units to them. Air1 continued to provide lighting until the victims and all police/fire personnel returned to the roadway safely.

01/24/2017: DEWITT, N.Y. The target of an undercover operation that was broken up when a sheriff's detective was shot at has been arrested, but authorities are still looking for the shooters, the Onondaga County Sheriff's Office announced at a news conference today. During an undercover surveillance operation at Springfield Garden Apartments Monday evening, a plain-clothes detective was shot at by two suspects while he sat inside his unmarked vehicle, authorities said. The detective was in the apartment's parking lot as part of a drug surveillance operation, Sheriff Eugene Conway said at the news conference Tuesday. The detective was supposed to attempt to buy heroin that night from Jose Marcano, 31, of 22 Caton Drive, DeWitt, Conway said. While authorities were getting set up for the buy, two unknown individuals approached the detective while he sat in the parking lot at about 6:28 p.m. Monday. Unprovoked, the two opened fire at the driver's side of detective's vehicle, Conway said. Initial calls to 911 suggested the vehicle had been shot at least 10 times, an Onondaga County dispatch worker said. The detective suffered minor injuries from the vehicle's window shattering but was largely uninjured, officials said. The Onondaga Co. Sheriff's Air 1 helicopter hovered above the area and provided air support.

01/20/2017: At approximately 6:16 PM, Air 1 assisted the New York State Police with a vehicle pursuit in the City of Syracuse. Upon Air 1 arriving in the area, the flight crew observed the vehicle heading south on Almond towards E. Genesee St. The crew continued to maintain visual contact with the fleeing vehicle while updating additional responding patrol units. The vehicle continued for several blocks, eventually turning into Latimer Terrace where the suspect jumped out of the vehicle and fled southbound on foot. The suspect was taken into custody by ground units after a short foot pursuit. Great work by all involved!

01/14/2017: Yesterday evening at approximately 6:26 PM, Air1 assisted the Solvay Fire Department with locating the source of an explosion/ fire in the area of the Solvay Electric substation. Upon Air1’s arrival, the flight crew located a large utility pole on fire in a large, swampy area north of Milton Ave. The flight crew relayed their findings to the Fire Chief of the ground and further provided them with the safest and best way to access the pole.

12/02/2016: Early this morning at approximately 1:50 AM, Air 1 responded to the area of Pleasant Drive and Manlius Center Road to assist members of the Manlius Police Department, State Police and Sheriff’s Deputies who were pursuing a suspect in a stolen vehicle. The owner of the vehicle had just reported the vehicle stolen and other vehicles in the area were discovered to have been broken into. As Manlius Police Officers were pursing the vehicle the suspect eventually stopped and fled on foot. Upon Air 1 arriving in the area, the flight crew utilized the infrared camera system to locate the suspect, which was observed in a yard off Hunter Street. Ground units were directed to the suspect and after a short foot pursuit the suspect was apprehended and transported to the town of Manlius Police Department. Excellent teamwork by all involved!

11/03/2016: At approximately 10:50 pm, Air 1 responded to a vehicle refusing to pull over in the Lyncourt/ Mattydale area. Air 1 assisted by illuminating the suspect vehicle with the night-sun as the driver attempted to elude ground units. The suspect vehicle eventually headed South on Delores Ave to a dead end, at which time the male operator fled on foot. Air 1 continued to illuminate the suspect as he fled south through yards, jumped over a fence, and headed east towards Orchard Drive West, where a deputy deployed his Taser and took the suspect into custody. The suspect was identified as 34 year old Robert Crouse IV of Genesee Street Oneida who was charged with criminal possession of a controlled substance in the 7th degree, failing to comply with a lawful order, aggravated unlicensed operation in the 2nd degree, unlicensed operator, moving from lane unsafely and for passing several stop signs. State Police units also assisted Sheriff’s Deputies.

09/13/2016: At approximately 6:40 pm, while Air1 was returning from a patrol flight, it's flight crew observed what appeared to be a marijuana grow site near the railroad tracks between Pottery Road and Van Buren Road in the Town of Camillus. After securing Air1 at the Sheriff's Heliport, the flight crew returned to the area by vehicle to confirm that it was in fact marijuana growing in the field. As they entered a grassy area off the tracks they could see and smell the marijuana plants. Upon approaching the plants the crew observed two subjects among the plants who began to run. After a brief foot pursuit, both males were apprehended. Detectives assigned to the Special Investigations Unit responded to the scene and recovered a total of 25 plants ranging from 4'-12' tall. The two male subjects were charged with Unlawful Possession of Marijuana, Growing Cannabis and Criminal Possession of Marijuana in the 1st & 2nd degree. Great observation and apprehension by Air1's flight crew!

09/06/2016: At approximately 1:45 am, Air1 was requested to assist Patrol Deputies with locating a suicidal subject who was armed with a knife in the area of Pompey Hollow Rd in the town of Pompey. The male subject was last seen by Deputies on foot entering the wooded area near the incident location. Upon the arrival of Air1, they checked the area with the infrared camera and located the male in the woods. Air1 then advised ground units of the subject’s location while utilizing the Nightsun lighting system to illuminate the subject. The subject threw the knife down and ground units took him into custody without further incident. Great job by all involved!

08/22/2016: Air 1 and its flight crew recently had the opportunity to stop by and visit several hundred kids who attended the Sheriffs’ Summer Camp. Each year approximately 900 boys and girls between the ages of 9 and 12 attend the camp and throughout the week-long stay, the children observe special exhibits and demonstrations presented by Sheriffs’ Offices from across the State. Included in these presentations are D.A.R.E. presentations, boat and bike safety programs, law enforcement equipment and technical demonstrations and even a talent show just for fun. This marked the 39th year of the camp’s operation, which is located in the Finger Lakes region on Keuka Lake in Yates County. For more information on the NYS Sheriffs’ Association Institute’s Summer Camp, please visit http://www.sheriffsinstitute.org/

air 1 pilot talks about the helicopter

08/15/2016: At 6:04 pm, Air1 responded to a report of a stabbing in the area of 2030 S. Salina Street. The suspect was last seen fleeing the area on foot, South on Beard Place. As Air1 conducted a grid search of the area, several possible suspects were identified and subsequently cleared by Syracuse Police ground units. One male subject was observed by Air1 circling the area of North State Street and East Colvin St. This subject was aware of the helicopter's presence, changed his direction several times, walking on lawns instead of the sidewalks, and appeared to be trying to conceal his location. The male then quickly entered a business on the corner of North State Street and East Colvin St. Air1 relayed the male’s location to Syracuse Police Officers. As the Officers approached the area to identify the male, he dropped a loaded firearm and fled on foot. He was subsequently taken into custody and charged with two felonies and a violation. The male was not connected to the stabbing and SPD Officers continue to investigate it.

08/10/2016: On August 7th, at approximately 6:45 pm Air 1 was requested to assist the Lysander and Phoenix Fire Departments with an outdoor fire near Sixty Road and Potter Road in the Town of Lysander. Upon Air 1’s arrival, firefighters had the fire under control but requested Air 1 conduct several water drops to make sure the fire was out and to prevent a rekindle. Using the Bambi Bucket, Air 1 performed three water drops over the site before heading off to another call to assist Patrol Units with locating a suicidal person after a domestic in the Village Green area in the Town of Van Buren. Upon Air 1’s arrival they conducted an aerial observation and located the subject fleeing the area on foot. Patrol Units were then directed to the subject who was quickly taken into custody. Excellent work by our eye in the sky!

08/09/2016: Yesterday evening, members of the Sheriff’s Office Aviation Unit attended the Oneida Lake Association’s annual meeting held at the Arrow Head Lodge. Aviation members gave a presentation on AIR 1's capabilities and how they relate to incidents on and near Oneida Lake. Senator Dave Velesky was also in attendance and is seen in the photograph being briefed on the impacts AIR 1 has had and its variety of services it provides to include: Aerial surveillance, investigation support, aerial incident command, infrared visual cameras to locate individuals/vehicles, scene illumination, Bambi bucket for brush and forest fires, hot spot location with infrared, rescue services on land & water, transport of personnel to inaccessible locations, medevac service to the regional trauma center, physician/surgeon response to incident scenes and locating & rescuing victims.

pic-air 1 pilots giving a presentation on the ship and it's capabilities

07/24/2016: At approximately 6:33 pm yesterday evening, The Onondaga County Sheriff’s Office AIR 1 helicopter was patrolling the county in the vicinity of State Route 31 and Morgan Road when a motor vehicle crash with entrapment was dispatched at that intersection. AIR 1’s flight crew was able to observe the two vehicles involved in the accident and with no first responders on scene, AIR 1 landed in the parking lot of the Euclid Restaurant to allow the flight medics out so they could provide immediate medical assistance to the injured occupants. Once Patrol Deputies, Fire and EMS personnel arrived, AIR 1 cleared the scene. At 9:35 pm, AIR 1 was requested to assist Officers with the Cicero Police Department with an area search of the Cicero Central Park located at 6540 Route 31 for a suicidal male who fled on foot into the wooded area. Upon AIR 1’s arrival, they located 4 people with the IR camera on Fergerson Road. AIR 1 advised the Cicero Officers of their observations and later learned that the missing suicidal male was among the group of people. Excellent work by AIR 1!

pic-air 1 airborne, front view

07/14/2016: Yesterday evening at approximately 6:47 pm, AIR 1 was dispatched to the Clark Reservation State Park to assist the New York State Park Police on locating a missing person. While conducting a search of the area, AIR 1 located several teenagers on the roof of the abandoned Alpha Omega Cement Plant located on Ogle Road in Jamesville. AIR 1 used the PA system (public address system) to direct the teenagers off the roof and once on the ground they were met by members of the DeWitt Police Department, who placed the teenagers in custody for trespassing. DeWitt Police Officers have responded to the site more than 50 times in the last year for complaints of trespassing, criminal mischief, burglary, fire/arson and personal injury. Since May of this year, they have arrested 19 people and recently issued a new warning informing the public that anyone who is caught on the property would be arrested. The former Alpha Omega Cement Plant in Jamesville is the site of several large old buildings. The old industrial site has many hazardous conditions. There are deep holes, failing stairwells, and dilapidated concrete. AIR 1 continued with the aerial search efforts for the missing person but was unable to locate anyone.

06/20/2016: Police officers from Syracuse and elsewhere in Onondaga County poured into the area on the city's Near West Side Sunday night after a shooting. Shortly after 11 p.m. Onondaga County 911 received several calls from people reporting shootings in the area of Tully, Otisco and Tioga streets, near Skiddy Park. Officers reported dealing with a crowd of at least 300 people and called for assistance. Then, amid shouts that bottles were being thrown, officers at the scene asked for any available units to respond to the shooting. Police from across Syracuse and Onondaga County responded. Several ambulances also arrived. Soon after the call for help the Air-1 helicopter begin circling over the area. State troopers and a SWAT team also responded. Antanesha King said she was at a Father's Day party with friends and neighbors in a courtyard near Schoeneck Court. King, 26, was dancing to music. The gathering grew to well over 300 people, she said, but everyone still appeared to be having a good time. Suddenly gunshots rang out and everyone was screaming. "I heard yelling and screaming and heard boom, boom, boom," King said. "And I ran up on my front porch." King did not see who was firing, but said the gathering descended into chaos and police swarmed into the area. She said she was hit with Mace. As police flooded into the area they put up crime scene tape around several large sections of Stone and Schoeneck courts. Officers with rifles and shields moved in the area and police were perched on each street corner for several blocks. Debris from the party was strewn on the ground.   Source: NYNews7.com

05/21/2016: A Kirkville brush fire that burned about 100 acres and lit up the sky appears accidental, police say. The fire started around 7 p.m. in a large field behind Titan Steel, located at 6333 Kirkville Road North, said the Manlius Police Department. The blaze spread across approximately 100 acres, police said -- sending up clouds of billowing black smoke that were visible from miles away. When the fire was at its peak, more than 25 fire departments were called in to battle the blaze, police said. Air-1, the Onondaga County Sheriff's Office helicopter, dumped 31 buckets of water on the fire, said Detective Jon Seeber. After more than five hours, the fire was out at about 12:30 a.m., police said. pic-Air 1 helicopter with bambi bucket full of water assisting at Kirkville Brush fire

04/03/2016: Yesterday evening at approximately 6:49 PM, (while Air 1 was patrolling the county) they responded to the WalMart Supercenter (located at 5399 W Genesee St-Camillus) for a shoplifting in progress complaint. Upon Air 1's arrival, the flight crew located the female suspect walking northbound through the parking lot towards The Bon-Ton store. Air 1 advised responding Camillus Police Department units of the suspect's location and further directed them to her, where she was subsequently taken into custody. Excellent work by Air 1 and the members of the Camillus Police.

03/06/2016: One last game of pond hockey or a snowmobile ride across the frozen lake, it seems fun, but it might not be the best idea. Air 1, the Onondaga County Sheriff's helicopter unit said this time of the year is especially dangerous for outdoor ice activities. "You never know how sturdy the ice is going to be, especially if there's open water or streams or creeks coming into the lake are going to make it weaker,” said Jason Bracy, an Air 1 pilot. Oneida Lake is a popular spot for ice fishing, skating and snowmobiling. "Most commonly in the winter, snowmobile season, snowmobiles go through the ice, especially on Oneida Lake and we do what's called a skid rescue, we can actually bring the helicopter down to the surface of the ice and bring them into the helicopter," said Bracy. Bracy said physical warnings can be cracks in the ice or creeks or streams feeding into bigger bodies of water that can weaken the surface, but there's also some hidden factors, and when accidents do happen, they're ready to respond. "If we get a call and we need to go immediately, we can pull out and be airborne within three to five minutes, we can be anywhere in the county in less than ten minutes," said Bracy. Sometimes that means they're fighting the elements: blizzards, strong winds and lightning.

03/01/2016: ONEIDA LAKE, N.Y. Onondaga County sheriffs rescued a man stranded on an ice block drifting on Oneida Lake this afternoon. Sue Rubin sent us the above video of the rescue. The man is now safe and sound and on land. The Bridgeport fire department says that the man took his 4-wheeler onto the lake to ice fish. Shifting winds and mild temperatures caused the ice he was on to break up and float away. The Air 1 helicopter was called in to help direct the man to shore as the ice was shifting. The Fire Department says that this is typical this time of year and that people need to exercise caution. The rescue took place in Bridgeport off Mallard Bay Road in Madison County.

12/04/2015: On December 4th, at approximately 2:30 am, Air 1 responded to the area of Route 80 near Route 20 in the Town of Onondaga to assist patrol units with the search of an individual who was believed to be in the heavily wooded area. Due to the extreme darkness and the safety of responding units, Air 1 provided lighting for the ground units while also utilizing its IR camera to assist with the search. As deputies and a K-9 dog searched the area, a cellular phone could be heard ringing near the edge of a 75 foot steep ravine. Upon deputies locating the phone, Air 1 discovered the individual at the bottom of the steep ravine, in a stream of water. A deputy immediately descended down to the individual who was discovered deceased. With the assistance from South Onondaga and the Otisco Fire Department, rescue personnel utilized rope rescue techniques to recover the individual’s body. Air 1 members did an excellent job by providing a light source so deputies and rescue personnel could be guided safely down the steep ravine during the recovery efforts.

11/19/2015: The Onondaga County Sheriff’s Office Air 1 helicopter provided assistance to ground patrol units last night on several incidents. At approximately 8:11 pm, Air1 responded to the Bayberry neighborhood area to assist OCSO patrol units with the search of a missing juvenile. Air1 conducted a check of the neighborhood as well as the wooded area on the west side of Oswego Road with the IR camera. The juvenile was located a short time later inside the Wegman's grocery store and was returned to his family. Shortly after that incident, at approximately 8:38 pm, Air 1 assisted OCSO patrol units on a report of a suspicious vehicle driving in the fields of Clay Central Park on Wetzel Road. Air 1 responded to the area and was able to locate the vehicle with the IR camera parked in a secluded area of the park. Air 1 then directed ground patrol units to the vehicle where the occupants were identified and interviewed. At 10:25 pm, Air 1 assisted OCSO patrol units with the search of a missing endangered person that was possibly in the wooded area between John Glenn Blvd, Oswego Road and the Seneca River. During this search, Air 1 used the nightsun and the IR camera in the area in an attempt to locate the missing person, who was eventually located unharmed by patrol units in the parking lot of the Grenadier Village Apartments off John Glenn Blvd. At 12:34 am, Air1 assisted members of the Syracuse Police Department who were in pursuit of a vehicle that was involved in a shots fired incident. Prior to Air 1 arriving in the area, the vehicle had stopped in the area of Lawrence Road and Pond Street where the two occupants/suspects, exited the vehicle and fled on foot. A perimeter was set up by ground units while Air1 provided lighting and checked the vicinity with the IR camera. A short time later, one of the suspects was observed running on Carbon Street. Air1 provided lighting for this area while ground units apprehended the suspect. The additional suspect was not located and SPD continues to investigate the incident.

10/27/2015: A train locomotive caught fire Tuesday night in the Town of Camillus forcing its crew to evacuate and firefighters to respond. The fire was reported by CSX at 10:20 PM on a section of track south of VanBuren and Armstrong Rds. Onondaga Co. 911 said. The crew evacuated and firefighters from Lakeland Fire Department responded to dowse the flames. Crews intially needed help locating the train. The Onondaga County Sheriff's Office Air 1 helicopter responded and used its' spot light to help firefighters get to the locomotive. Fire trucks blocked the road south of VanBuren and Armstrong Rds. while crews worked, but the fire was out before 11 pm. A CSX spokesperson could not be immeidiately reached Tuesday night. The railroad is dominant east of the Mississippi River and owns more than 20,000 miles of track in 23 states and Canada.

10/07/2015: Law enforcement and emergency response personnel from three counties and three state agencies assisted on Perryville Road in Fenner, just before the Canastota town line to assist in the search for a 49 year old missing person. More than one dozen vehicles from the Madison and Chenango County sheriff’s offices, were on the scene of the makeshift headquarters, as were New York State Forest Rangers, New York State Park Police, New York State Police, K-9 units, special operation units, SWAT teams and, at 12:09 p.m., Onondaga County Sheriff’s Office Air-1 helicopter arrived to assist in the search. On October 13, 2015, a body was discovered by a search team around 2:30 p.m. in a patch of woods off of Perryville Road in Fenner, said the Madison County Sheriff's Office. The body matches descriptions of  the missing person, deputies said. The body was transported to the Onondaga County Medical Examiner's Office for autopsy and further identification.

05/06/2014: Air 1 was requested by the State Police to assist in the search for a reckless, possibly intoxicated driver, who was driving in walking trails nearly striking hikers. The suspect vehicle was being operated in trails East of Rte 91, near Labrador Crossroad in the Town of Fabius. Using the IR camera, Air1 located the suspect vehicle and directed ground units to its location. The driver, and sole occupant, was taken into custody.

05/02/2014: Air 1 was called to assist on a vehicle collision on Lamson Rd, T/Lysander, regarding a subject that fled the scene. Upon arrival, Air1 began a search and located the subject hiding in the woods just south of the accident scene. Units were directed to the subject and he was taken into custody. Subject was charged with Driving While Intoxicated.