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Air-1 At Work


pic-Air 1 patrolling over Syracuse
Patrolling over the City of Syracuse.


pic-fighting fire from the air

pic-water fump from air  pic-air waterdump on fire
Fighting fire from the air using the Bambi Bucket.


pic-sunset winter medivac

pic-patient loaded for night medivac
Sunset and winter medivacs


pic-Air 1 on Upstate Medical Center helo pad
Landing on the Upstate Medical Center helo pad during a medivac.


pic-air 1 landing on the water
Air 1 has the capability to land on water.


pic-performing a water rescue while hovering

   pic-water rescue while hovering
Performing a water rescue while hovering.


pic-project life saver search using aerialantenna
Project Life Saver search using the aerial antenna to locate a missing person.


pic-patient on a stretcher to be medivaced by Air 1
Training-Transporting a patient to Air 1 for a medivac.


pic-billy pugh rescue net & ring
The Billy Pugh rescue net and ring is used to lift people or objects.


pic-rooftop lift training
Rooftop lift training with the Syracuse Fire Department.


pic-landing at dusk
Returning to the heliport at dusk.